Special dental practice "Dr Brašanac", Požega
Dr Brašanac
Knjaza Miloša 55, Požega
Telephone: 031 / 825 - 085
Opening hours: 8 - 20h
Saturday: 8 - 13h

About us

"Dr Brasanac" dental practice has been dedicated to dental excellence since 1989. Our specialists are continually applying a combined more than 40 years of professional experience from various areas of dentistry to the great satisfaction of our many patients. Our friendly team of dental professionals consists of 8 doctors and 7 nurses who liaise with several dental laboratories, working together with a common goal to improve the beauty and health of your smile.

Specijalistička stomatološka ordinacija "Dr Brašanac", Požega

We specialize in preventative care, diagnostics, treatment of the mouth and teeth diseases, prosthetics, jaw orthopaedics, children dentistry, oral surgery, periodontopathy therapy, cosmetic dentistry including high quality porcelain crowns, white fillings, teeth whitening and dental jewellery (zircon).

We would like to remind you that check ups and recommendations are always free at "Dr Brasanac" dental practice and that all treatments are performed virtually pain free.

We care about your teeth:


  • Dr Dušan Brašanac
  • Dr Branka Brašanac
  • Dr Dragana Brašanac
  • Dr Marko Brašanac
  • Dr Mirjana Popović
  • Dr Branko Ćirković
  • Dr Jelena Jelisavčić
  • Dr Ana Radomirović


  • Sneža
  • Olja
  • Dragana
  • Vesna
  • Sanja
  • Ana

Dental laboratories

  • "Ristović", Požega
  • "Milenković", Beograd
  • "Isailović", Beograd